My Team Doesn't Show Up to Meetings On Time

We’ve all been there. The meeting that starts 5 minutes late due to stragglers. The frustrating “let’s wait until more people arrive.” 

As a leader, how can you fix this? 

I’d love to hear your comments below.

To start, I’ve found that setting meeting times at an odd time can help. For example, instead of 9:00, pick 9:07. There’s something about choosing the top or bottom of the hour that adds ambiguity. 9 o’clock can start to feel like 9ish. 

Another practice to think about is how to shape the ends of meetings. As the meeting organizer, do we fill the time right up to the top of the hour? Using every available minute is tempting, especially if there’s a full agenda. Or do we aim to wrap up at 9:45 or 9:50, thus leaving time for team members to capture any last-minute notes, gather their thoughts, and transition mentally to their next task or meeting? This practice will help build good habits and contribute to a team culture that feels less hectic.

What works for you?

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