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    I believe skilled people with integrity have the potential to lead, and lead well. They have an obligation to lead.


    Isn’t it ironic that leaders with the most potential are often held back by their own intellect and apprehension? Brilliant leadership weaves together IQ and EQ coupled with key principles in order to drive team and company success.


    As a leader in business, and previously as a conductor, I saw patterns to what made successful leaders. The principles and tools can be identified, learned and practiced. This applies in the boardroom, in concert halls, and in Silicon Valley.


    My clients work with me to refine their leadership strategy in order to more fully reach their potential as respected and capable leaders. Someone that understands how to inspire a team, reduce unnecessary friction, and bring people together.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations for the learning leader.

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    We all know what it’s like to serve under a mediocre boss. And what an incredible difference a strong, inspiring leader can make in our job fulfillment, development and success.


    You have an obligation to be that leader. And you are closer than you think.


    Modern CMOs invest in technology, marketing programs, and personell as they take on the mammoth task of overseeing all facets of marketing.


    We know that leadership is critical to success. How much do we invest in it, the catalyst and force multiplier that improves performance in all other investments? Uplevel your leadership today.

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    Andrew Spoeth is a Silicon Valley veteran studying the intersection of Leadership and Marketing.

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